Lockdown update — What we did in response to the pandemic

At Sales Impact Academy we knew that when the COVID-19 crisis hit the world in March we had to step up and to support our community. We are dedicated to enabling the B2B tech world in overcoming the 90% failure rate for start-up businesses- A task put under even more strain by the devastating effects COVID-19 has had on business and peoples jobs.

Even though the Labour Force Survey puts the current unemployment rate at 3.9%-close to the lowest it has been for 40 years-the number of people claiming unemployment benefits surged to 2.7million from March to July. Lockdown has created an incredibly unique situation where those who are unemployed are either deterred from or unable to look for work. These people are therefore recorded as ‘inactive’; a number which has risen by 301,000 in three months.

Measuring the number of people in work is probably a better estimation of the effect of the crisis on jobs. The Office for National Statistics said between April and June, the number fell by 220,000. The number of employees on UK payrolls also fell by 730,000 from March to July.

What have we done to support the tech startup and scale-up community through the current pandemic?

Our instinct as a learning platform was to find an easy accessible way for anyone who felt the impact of the pandemic on their job to benefit from the advice of our industry experts. During the months of April and May 2020, we made our subscription based, live-learning platform free to any companies or persons who wanted to use this time of uncertainty to upskill. Such was the impact of this initiative on thousands of people that we decided to extend free access during June and July to anyone who was unemployed due to the pandemic.

We were joined by over 30 unemployed individuals who made use of our courses in this time of crisis. Our team was readily available to help these individuals gain the skills they needed to secure new work.

“I had taken a career break in November to fulfil a lifelong ambition of travelling, however I did not anticipate the dramatic downturn in the job market upon my return. I came across SIA and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to refresh my sales skills whilst searching for new opportunities. I signed up for three courses: Managing the Complete Sales Cycle, Outbound Prospecting and LinkedIn Social Selling Masterclass, all of which proved incredibly valuable in the learnings achieved, and I only wish I’d done them sooner in my career. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that SIA gave me both renewed skill and confidence, enabling me to start a new role as an Account Executive!”

— Chris Burr, Account Executive at Rungway

The BBC announced that the UK has officially entered a recession for the first time in 11 years-another knock on effect of COVID-19 on the economy. With the government furlough scheme ending in October, employers are under even more pressure to decide if they can afford to keep workers on. Those currently searching for jobs could find the market even more competitive by the end of the year.

At Sales Impact Academy we aim to help ease some of the concerns the tech industry may face in the future by continuing to create spaces for sharing knowledge and peer-to-peer discussions which will be vital to navigate the survival of start-up and scale-up businesses.

Another initiative we launched in April was our In This Together (ITT) series. This is an ongoing collection of free broadcasts for the startup tech community, created in partnership with Outreach. The completely free to access, live broadcast program has aired over 100 shows, helping CEOs and sales & marketing professionals navigate the challenging times with actionable and inspirational content to support their operations.

Demand for our free, hour-long live broadcasts by international experts including Mark Roberge, Christopher Lockhead and Sir Clive Woodward, exceeded all our expectations, with viewers from 57 countries logging in to the talks. Our In This Together series will be continuing through to mid-September. If you haven’t already sampled our In This Together Series, take a look at what’s coming up over the next few weeks here.

As lockdown measures ease, and people return to work, the sharing of knowledge becomes increasingly important in kick-starting business as usual. Why not take advantage of the direct access to worldwide industry experts which the broadcast provides and get your questions answered — Next week’s line up is brilliant.

We also have some very exciting new plans for our live content coming soon — so watch this space!

Our In This Together broadcasts bring together leaders from across industries and disciplines to provide insights and learnings on the hottest industry topics. Catch up on what you missed like Mark Roberge and Christopher Lochhead , by visiting our YouTube channels.

Have a look at our Careers page to see when we are hiring-we continue to expand and support our team throughout the pandemic and into the future.

Originally published at https://www.salesimpactacademy.co.uk on August 19, 2020.



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