Tomasz Tunguz-Managing Director at Redpoint Ventures-discussed how to value your SaaS business and then increase its value…and it’s all down to knowing the right growth and revenue metrics to focus on. Most businesses are sadly flying blind and are not optimizing for these critical revenue metrics, only to discover their mistakes when it’s too late.

There are FIVE key metrics that correlate with your enterprise value to next twelve-month revenue (EV/NTM) multiple: Revenue growth, Sales Efficiency, Net Dollar Retention, Cash Flow Margin, and Gross Margin. …

Automated emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated emails (Campaign Monitor). So, the argument for automating your emails is pretty much already won. But, what work do marketers need to do to ensure their email marketing, nurture campaigns, and social media activity is effective? The answer is knowing your data!

How to collect the right data points?

When thinking about what data to collect on your prospects, you should break it down into profile and behavior. Aka who is this person, and what have they done? …

Picture this…It’s the start of the working week. You’re a salesperson who has just sat down at your desk. You are contemplating how you’re going to cut through all the digital noise and engage with prospects so you can smash your targets for the week. What new tools do you need in your arsenal to make an impact?

In today’s digital world it’s harder than ever to stand out, build relationships, and clearly showcase your value.

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Did you know that 60% of CEOs recognize Partnerships as a route to revenue growth, yet their typical failure rate is over 50%? Very few SaaS businesses get anywhere close to $100M ARR without a stellar Partnerships team at the heart of their growth strategy.

Matt Bray — author of The Partnership Principle — and Kelly ColmanHead of Emerging Markets at MedBridge — suggest Revenue Leaders today need to look outside of their traditional ‘direct’ Go-to-Market box. “In today’s digital economy, the fourth Industrial Revolution, we are seeing the rise of the ‘Enlightened Buyer’, with more and more…

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales management tool designed to help SDR’s tap into LinkedIn’s extensive 700M+ member network and land bigger and better deals. Yet, like many platforms we use today, it takes time to grasp its full potential — many salespeople still don’t know how to use ALL the LinkedIn Sales Navigator features effectively. The new challenges we face in engaging with prospects in a remote world makes mastering paid sales solution tools even more important.

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Potential buyers are now more than ever bombarded with sales messages via a multitude of channels and this is having an adverse…

Answers From the World’s Thought Leader on Customer Success

Not being customer focused is the biggest threat to your tech business. It is rare that your technology is the disruptor to your company. In reality, it is the behaviour of your customers, and your ability to maintain and grow your customer base, which can put you in hot water. That’s why customer success can’t operate simply as a department, as it is vital to the survival of a business overall. You need to adopt customer centricity as a company wide philosophy to maximise the value of your customer base.

World-renowned thought leader, Dan Steinman — Chief Evangelist at Gainsight…

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Sales Impact Academy took its mission to fix the knowledge crisis burdening the world’s B2B companies to a new level through its groundbreaking new partnership with the Revenue Collective.

Sales, marketing and revenue leaders are the mission critical growth drivers of every B2B business. According to LinkedIn there are 58,000,000 salespeople across the world, yet there is almost no formal higher education in sales and revenue leadership. This has lead to a large knowledge gap in scaling B2B businesses, with just 0.5% of all venture backed companies getting to Series C*.

Sales Impact Academy (SIA) -a leading subscription-based live-learning platform…

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Career progression in Sales will always be a talking point due to the buzz that hard work and high reward can bring in the job. Those who have mastered it hold invaluable knowledge for anyone who is seeking that next promotion. Alex Kahn-Associate Vice President of Sales at Triptease-shared his experiences as a new sales leader and what he wished he’d known when he was transitioning up. Let’s dive into what attitudes you need to help you fast-track your progression through this career trajectory!

In Alex’s live broadcast, Lessons Learned by a New Sales Leader, we took a look at…

Thought Leadership from Ben Wright (Founding Coach at Sales Impact Academy)

Discovery is often an under-used part of the sales process in many early stage sales teams, and this can cause a lot of problems further down the line in the sales cycle. When deals fail to gain traction, or stall later in the sales cycle, it can often be traced back to not doing deep enough discovery to understand the real pain and the value impact of that pain across the organisation.

As a result, you end up without a strong and compelling value proposition to sell to your Champion and, just as importantly, for them to sell into their…

If you’re the CEO of an early stage startup, you’re probably still closing many, if not the majority, of the company’s deals, as well as having to keep all the other plates of the company spinning.

As the business grows, the only way you’ll be able to create a healthy, scalable company is to step away from day-to-day selling to concentrate on making sure all the other functions of the business are in great shape.

But if you step back too early, and you haven’t built an effective sales operation, you run the very high risk of a significant drop…

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